EFFECTIVE: 1ST April 2023*

All rates inclusive of GST

ANormal working hours

Monday to Friday7.00 am to 3.30 pm

Deliveries prior to 7.00 am must be advised the previous day.
BDeliveries outside normal working hours

Monday to Friday3.30 pm to 7.00 am $55.00 m3 (Min $132.00)

Saturday to Monday11.00 am to 7.00 am $55.00 m3 (Min $132.00)
B (i)Weekend Surcharge

All deliveries on a Saturday morning (& any applicable Public Holidays) will incur a surcharge of $16.50 m3 (Min $49.50)

Saturday Hours (6.30am – 11am)
CPlant opening fee

A charge of $1100.00 per 4 hours or part thereof that the plant remains open for deliveries outside normal working hours (minimum $1100.00)
DExcess discharge time

During normal hours this will be charged after 45 minutes at the rate of $3.30 per minute.

Outside normal working hours a rate of $6.60 per minute will apply.
EMinimum loads

Loads of less than 3.0 m3 will incur a charge of $77.00 per cubic metre or part thereof.
FTruck washout fee

A charge of $33.00 per load will apply to loads where the customer requests the addition of any colour, chemicals, fibrous material to our concrete.

All colours other than Charcoal/Black/Bluestone based will be $55.00 per truck utilised.
GTruck standby

Truck standby will be charged at the rate of $66.00 per half hour.
HPlant mixing fee

For in plant mixing a fee of $44.00 will apply.
IMaxi deliveries

Maxi deliveries outside 14 km from all plants incur a rate of $2.20 per km per cubic metre
JMini Deliveries

Mini deliveries outside 14 km from all plants incur a rate of $6.60 per km per load
KAccelerator charges




Forward charging for use of Eureka Concrete’s accounts at other locations will incur a cost of $55.00 per invoice.

Dishonoured cheques will incur a cost of $33.00.

Reprints – Each Delivery Docket and Invoice $5.50 each copy.
NSummer Additive Charge

R122 – $4.00 per m3 for 1 hour.

R122 – $8.00 per m3 for 2 hour.

R122 – $12.00 per m3 for 3 hour.
NEnvironmental Disposal fee

Applies to any unused concrete returned from site. On all occasions, customers will be given the choice of taking left over concrete on their site or have it returned to Eureka Concrete for disposal.







Fees continue from this point on.
OWet Hire of Trucks

Truck will hire on a Wet Hire Basis – $198.00 per hour including GST.
PCredit Card Surcharges

All Credit card payments will attract a 1.32% Surcharge.
QSmall Aggregate

14/10/7mm stone or smaller – price is based on next grade upwards.

G20mpa =25mpa pricing – add$ 11.00 m3

G25mpa =32mpa pricing – add$ 13.20 m3

G32mpa =40mpa pricing – add$ 22.00 m3

*The following cancellation fees apply when a pour is cancelled after 12.00pm the day prior. 

Orders cancelled when a pour is less than 50m3 will be charged $550.00 

Orders cancelled when a pour is between 50m3 -100 m3 will be charged $825.00 

Orders cancelled when a pour is more than 100m3 will be charged $1100.00 

Please note all the above charges are subject to change without notice. 

Mini mix prices are also subject to change without notice.