Coloured Concrete

Eureka Concrete Colour Concrete offers a rainbow of colour options to suit your design requirements. Hard-wearing and virtually limitless in options, Coloured Concrete is produced through blending colour pigment with your concrete prior to delivery. Eureka Concrete’s process ensures consistent colour and eliminates the risk of colour loss through chipping or damage. Select from our palette of colours for a vibrant result which will stand the test of time.

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Exposed Washed Pebble

Eureka Concrete Washed Pebble offers a natural texture and style and enables you to select from our range of designer aggregates to be set in your concrete. Depending on your personal preference, the degree of smoothness desired, and the function of the area, aggregate exposure can be either heavy or light. Washed Pebble is hard-wearing, visually appealing and suits an array of applications including both traditional and modern landscapes and is also ideally suited to paths and driveways, outdoor entertaining areas and poolside.

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