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Eureka Concrete Exposed/Washed offers a natural texture and styles. You can select from our range of designer aggregates to be set in your concrete according to your personal blend. Depending on your personal preference, the degree of smoothness desired, and the function of the area, aggregate exposure can be either heavy or light. Washed Pebble is hard-wearing, visually appealing and suits an array of applications including both traditional and modern landscapes and is ideally suited to paths and driveways, outdoor entertaining areas and poolsides. Select from our pallette of colours for a stylish result which will stand the test of time. Please contact the team for further information regarding Exposed/Washed aggregate. Enquire Now.

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About the exposed aggregate concrete process.

Exposed aggregate concrete is a finish achieved by laying a concrete with the chosen type of aggregate (either naturally rounded or crushed) and applying a "surface retarder" to the concrete once placement has been finished which prevents the top 3mm or so from setting. After a period of time (perhaps hours in summer, or overnight in winter) once the concrete has stiffened sufficiently the surface of the concrete is washed off carefully exposing the underlying aggregate. The depth of exposure is greatly controlled by the initial stiffness of the concrete and the climatic conditions during laying, the concrete layer will judge the appropriate time to apply the surface retarder and to wash off using his experience. After a period of one to two weeks a process of "acid washing" is carried out to remove any "lime bloom" from the surface of the concrete (white or milky patches) as well as cleaning any cement from the surface of the aggregate.

Important points: Your concrete contractor will use his experience to provide a uniform depth of exposure throughout the job, this may not mean it will be exactly the same through out, large shaded areas may be more exposed than those subject to direct sunlight or wind. Areas poured on different days may also have slightly different exposure levels. Although concrete aggregates are washed and are generally very clean due to the sources of these materials they may contain impurities such as small pieces of wood, iron or stone, which may be visible in the final product.

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