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About us - Concreting Tips

Eureka Concrete - Concreting Tips.

Handling Precautions: Prevent all contact with skin.

Eye Protection: Where splashing is likely or dust is generated, the use of safety glasses with side shield protection is recommended.

Glove Type: Wear water-proof gloves.

Clothing: The use of sleeves and overalls is recommended.

Footwear: The use of water-proof safety boots high enough to prevent concrete from contacting skin should be warn.

Planning & Site Preparation.
The most important step in placing concrete is planning. Always plan every step before any concrete is delivered. Proper planning avoids delays in unloading the concrete, if it needs to be placed with wheel barrows , ensure 2 or more are available.
Workers on site should always wear protective clothing, strong boots, and , if required helmets and eye protection.

Always avoid direct contact with the concrete
Clear access must be provided to allow the trucks unrestricted access to the site in all weather conditions. Our company can check access and quantities for any project.

Planning & Site Preparation.
In hot (above 30'C) and windy conditions concrete must be cured by covering with plastic sheeting, spraying with a liquid membrane curing compound.
The practice of intermittent wetting down morning and night is not curing and can cause greater harm to the concrete by causing expansion and contraction, increasing the incidence of shrinkage cracking or craze cracking.

Hot Weather Concreting.
Hot weather increases the possibility of cracking.
Temperature is not the only problem. Low humidity and high winds cause moisture loss, in turn, shrinkage cracks.
Special attention to the following details will reduce the risk of poor quality work:
Plan the job to avoid delays once the concrete pour has started.
Dampen the sub-base before placement of concrete (but do not leave surface water).
Provide shade and wind breaks to work areas.

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